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Introduction of Hotel │ ABOUT US

To experience Hualien’s features, having a joyful time
The hotel has been opened greatly since December 2008, and is hidden at a serene place in downtown Hualien. It “gets serenity in a boisterous city, yet reaching the busy downtown in the next corner”. It provides various kinds of delicacies and snacks, with numerous specialties.

Upon entering the lobby, you can see the red glass wall that welcomes you. There is also a simple, unsophisticated, and elegant suspension light. The Rose Stone exclusively existing in Hualien looks like Chinese painting, emitting the antique Eastern feelings naturally. King Cheng Hotel treats you with kind service attitudes, to make you feel at home. Are you tired of the fast and busy tempo in big cities, and do you intend to enjoy a vacation leisurely? You can take your family and friends, or bring a book, and come to feel the leisure pace in King Cheng Hotel, so as to add new marks for your own journey.