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Introduction of Hotel │ ABOUT US

Facilities and Services

【Services Available 】
MERIDA bicycles are provided for free; children’s seats are also prepared for the bicycles, for you to travel Hualien City easily and leisurely.
◎ There is a lounge on B1 in the hotel. Please book it in advance. (Cleaning fee is charged.)

◎Home Delivery Service, for delivering via mail
◎ We can make arrangements for pet accommodation; please inform us three days before you check in. (This service is not for free.)
◎ Computers are available for 24 hours in the lobby
◎ Free coffee and tea bags
◎ Newspapers and magazines
◎Distinct Sketch Maps for Safe Evacuation are available at every floor, with opened outdoor emergency ladders.

Facilities in the Hotel


The restaurant in King Cheng Hotel is designed in Eastern style mainly, with wooden lamps of coffee color. It has a very unique theme style. We provide breakfasts of Eastern and Western styles to energize you. We are particular about hygiene in the kitchen. The delicacies are so diversified and delicious. Under the elegant and soft atmosphere, we accompany you to see the first sunlight in your journey— King Town Hotel embraces the sincere attitude of “Service First”. Please enjoy a relaxing vacation that makes you happy both in mind and body. We elaborately prepare the most important source of daily energy for you! Note: ★Breakfast Time::From 7:00am to 9:30am★

【Lounge 】

The lounge is situated at the B1 floor, installed by King Cheng Hotel considerately. It has wide space and comfortable decoration, and it is the best place for you, your family members, and friends or for every tourist to relieve tension and have a reunion. No matter for chatting, gossip, or having a reunion for fun, it will also be the best choice for you to relieve pressure. Welcome to take advantage of it well within opening hours! *Services Provided: Tea and water (with tea bags, coffee bags, and paper cups). Beverage is available for you to dink limitlessly in the restaurant on the 1st floor.
*Opening Hours: 18:00~22:00 (Cleaning fees will be charged, if you need to use Kara OK.)